• Employing FreeNAS In Your Business

Build your own FreeNAS appliance or purchase TrueNAS, the fully supported enterprise Unified Storage Appliance.

Thousands of companies, universities, and U.S. Government departments have come to rely on FreeNAS's powerful features, ease of use, and flexibility. However, which strategy is best for your company? The answer depends on your use case, support needs, available time, and expertise. If you have the time, available hardware, and expertise, then everything else needed to build an awesome FreeNAS appliance is at your fingertips.

Out of the box, FreeNAS provides enterprise features like snapshots, replication, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, remote syslog, and many more. With its simple management interface, FreeNAS is perfect for a business looking to build a custom storage solution, whether for a small office or a growing infrastructure.

Millions of FreeNAS installations are humming all around the world, running everything from old PCs to enterprise-grade servers. Because FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD, it is compatible with the same hardware FreeBSD users everywhere know and rely on. The vibrant FreeNAS community has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of environments and use cases.

When downtime or data loss is not an option, then you're looking for TrueNAS with its Enterprise Support from iXsystems, Inc.

When there’s no substitute for guaranteed performance, functionality, and professional support, a purpose-built storage solution is the only answer. Enter TrueNAS: an enterprise unified storage appliance, developed, manufactured, and supported by the same team that brings you FreeNAS. At its core, TrueNAS is FreeNAS, augmented for the uncompromising stability and performance that Enterprise businesses require.

TrueNAS uses the same interface you’ve come to love, but has a number of features and enhancements targeted specifically for the enterprise environment: performance enhancements, high-availability clustering, manageability improvements designed for large deployments, robust reporting, automated drive-replacement and hot-spares, and an enterprise-grade hardware platform, just to name a few. To top it all off, TrueNAS is Citrix Ready Verified and works great with VMWare! These enhancements, coupled with Professional Support, provide enterprise businesses the confidence they and their customers need to solve nearly any storage problem in environments where downtime is not an option.

  Disk Management
Encryption (GELI)
Up to Triple Parity

Up to Triple Parity
Hot Spare
Hot Swap
Enclosure Management
Performance Tuning
File-based Protocols
Remote Backups
Secure Remote Configuration
Mirrored boot device
High Availability
  Add-ons and Other
Plugins Coming Soon
Professional Support
Swap on flash
Citrix Ready Verification
(Citrix XenServer)