Intro to FreeNAS and ZFS

Taught by the reputable ZFS Educator Linda Kateley

This class will give you everything you need to know to get started with FreeNAS and ZFS.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Intro to FreeNAS GUI
  • Basic Setup
  • Setup Volumes & Datasets
  • Sharing with AFP, NFS, and CIFS
  • Configuring ZFS Enterprise Features including Caching, Checksums, Snapshots, & Replication

FreeNAS classes are limited to 15 students per class, which will allow focused and collaborative interaction as well as thorough Q and A. The classes are designed to fast-track your FreeNAS learning curve by saving you hours of trial and error and digging through contradictory information on Google.

Most training courses hold you hostage for up to a week, sifting through dry and often irrelevant information. However, these single-serving FreeNAS classes are no longer than 3-4 hours in length, are topic specific, and cut directly to the core of the information you need to become an expert in FreeNAS and ZFS in no time flat.

FreeNAS Administration & Performance Class

***Linda Kateley is a professional Software Educator with over 20 years experience and a specialty in ZFS/Storage. She is a former Educator & Solaris Global Architect at Sun Microsystems.