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Accelerate the FreeNAS and ZFS Learning Curve

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Course Title & Description Schedule

Intro to FreeNAS (60-90 minutes)

You will learn:

  • Overview of WebGUI
  • Initial setup
  • Create a local user
  • How to create a volume
  • Create and share datasets


This class is free and runs daily.

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FreeNAS Administration (4 hours)

15 student limit

Admin Class Basic administrative task including:

Systems Administration

  • Advanced Settings
  • Upgrade Appliance
  • Monitoring disks and logs

Storage Administration

  • Create and add to pools
  • Create datasets for sharing and replication
  • Replace and monitor disks

March 2nd, 10 AM CST $349

April 6th, 10 AM CST $349

May 4th, 10 AM CST $349

Freenas Replication and Sharing (4 hours)

15 student limit

Learn to use Freenas built in replication tools including:

  • Create, manage, and clone snapshots
  • Replicate data, local and remote
  • Understand the differences between the sharing protocols
  • Setup NFS and AFP shares
  • Understand and configure CIFS
  • Configure iSCSI targets

March 9th, 10AM CDT $349

April 13th, 10AM CDT $349

May 11th, 10AM CDT $349

FreeNAS Architecture and Performance Basics (4 hours)

15 student limit

You will learn

  • Learn to design systems based on different capacity and use case.
  • Design systems for virtualization, workgroup, video, database or archive/backup.
  • Learn how to design for balanced capacity, performance and redundancy.
  • Learn common tunables for different configurations
  • How to add ssd for read and write caches
  • How to analyze read cache(arc)
  • How to determine need for write log

March 16th, 10AM $349

April 20th, 10AM $349

May 18th, 10AM $349

FreeNAS Advanced Admin

10 student limit

This class covers:

  • Setup advanced network, including aggregation and vlans, from both gui and console
  • Analyzing debug info
  • Use disk commands to view and manage disks
  • zfs/zpool command line
  • Understand and Integrate to Active Directory
  • Network Administration

    • Add and configure multiple interfaces
    • Create link aggregations
    • Create vLANs
    • Modify Network Services

March 23rd, 10AM CDT $349

April 27th, 10AM CDT $349

May 25th, 10AM CDT $349


FreeNAS has a ton of features so it has a learning curve. We've designed these classes to accelerate your FreeNAS learning curve by saving you hours of trial and error.

Most training courses hold you hostage for up to a week, sifting through dry and often irrelevant information. However, these single-serving FreeNAS classes are no longer than 4 hours in length, are topic-specific, and cut directly to the core of the information you need to become an expert in FreeNAS and ZFS in no time flat.

Take classes à la carte or take all the classes to get Certified!


Wherever you want! All you need is a computer and decent Internet connection.


Simply register for your class of choice through the Eventbrite links below. The Intro to FreeNAS class is free and is a prerequisite for any other class. We have a special registration page for this class, register now.

About the instructor

Classes are taught by Linda Kateley. Linda is a professional Software Educator with over 20 years experience who specializes in ZFS and Storage. She is a former Educator & Solaris Global Architect at Sun Microsystems.